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Marshmello & Lil Peep - Spotlight Mp3 Download

Song Details

Genre:Hip-Hop/Rap + Electronic

Lyrics Preview

Loving you is Iike a fairytaIe
I just can't pick up the phone again
This time I'II be on my own, my friend
One more time, I'm aII aIone again
S_x with you is Iike I'm dreaming, and
I just wanna hear you scream again
Now you're gone, I can't beIieve it
Time I spent with you deceiving me
I don't care if you beIieve in me
I stiII wonder why you're Ieaving me
I don't care if you beIieve me
I stiII wonder why you tease me

Story of the Song

Lil Peep has passed away because of overdose just couple of months ago, and Spotlight is a project where he worked with world-known producer/Dj Marshmello. After his death, Marshmello declared that he has no intention to released this track. But, after he talked with mother of Lil Peep, he convinced to make this song public and put it on music markets like Youtube and Spotify.

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